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Advanced Life Saving Camp

In late September 52 lifesavers from across the state gathered.

This was to develop and refine their lifesaving and leadership skills at LSV’s Advanced Lifesaving Camp. The week long program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to become Gold Medallion Lifesavers and the opportunity to become paid Lifeguards.

Over five days of training, candidates experience scenario-based learning in a number of settings. The classroom component refines the participants’ knowledge of what it takes to be excellent beach manager. In depth video of rescues and first aid cases challenge the lifesavers to discuss the most effective way of managing difficult situations whilst still maintaining a safe patrol location. The camp also invites guest speakers from Ambulance Victoria, SLSA and the Victorian Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter service to provide an insight into their organisations and the pathways created by lifesaving. When the lifesavers hit the water their skills are tested in a number of scenarios, simulating situations they may come across whilst patrolling. The decision-making processes of the candidates are put to the test allowing them to work as teams to provide the best outcome.

A strong focus of the camp is to develop the professionalism, leadership and technical ability of the candidates.

Throughout the week the candidates are given the opportunity to apply for a paid lifeguard position at the completion of the camp and are encouraged to treat the camp as like a weeklong interview. The technical training involves participants undertaking the advanced lifesaving certificate and basic beach management awards, generating a new perspective of the responsibilities and capabilities of an Advanced Lifesaver.

The camp is developing the next generation of high quality lifesavers, arming them with the skills, experience and knowledge to take to their clubs, careers and personal lives.

If you are interested in developing your lifesaving skills and interested in the opportunity to become a paid lifeguard, look out for the LSV Advanced camp circular.