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IXOM Sponsorship to Support Watch Around Water Program

The Watch Around Water (WAW) program has received a significant boost thanks to the generosity of the team at IXOM, who have agreed a sponsorship arrangement to support the program for an initial period of two years.

The support comes at a crucial time for the growing program, with all of the sponsorship being reinvested into the development of improved tools, initiatives and processes. Decisions on the reinvestment will be made by the Watch Around Water Advisory Committee made up of facility representatives.

The improvements will be used to:

·    strengthen the program structure

·    create additional resources

·    develop additional training materials

·    improve delivery of the WAW messaging

·    increase overall program support


IXOM is viewed as an ideal partner to the program.

“IXOM has a long and proud history of safety performance. Ensuring all of our employees and contractors are safe and healthy, whilst protecting the environment and communities in which we operate is a core value of our company.”

IXOM proudly supports a range of local initiatives and sponsorships in the many communities it operates in globally. This includes the ‘Water Taste Competition’ and the ‘Remote Aboriginal Swimming Pools Project’ in partnership with RLSSWA.

For information on the community projects supported by IXOM or services available visit:

For information on the WAW program or to register for the program visit : lsv.com.au/pool-safety-services/watch-around-water

Watch Around Water is a campaign educating the public about active supervision, and encouraging parents / guardians to take on the responsibility of this role while visiting aquatic facilities.