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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Our strategic plan focuses on water safety and drowning prevention initiatives that foster resilience in our communities while encouraging active participation in aquatic recreation.

It takes into account changes in the way we live, work, volunteer and enjoy leisure time. The strategies and projects are designed to be responsive to these evolving needs and trends.

Strategic Plan Overview
Full Strategic Plan
Operations and Services Mind Map

Our strategic plan considers alignment to other strategic plans for water safety and emergency management. These include:

Victorian Water Safety Master Plan 2016-2020
Life Saving Victoria developed this plan in conjunction with the Victorian Government, emergency management sector and aquatic industry to set a strategic direction for the prevention of drowning in Victoria.

Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-2020
The strategy continues the Australian Water Safety Council’s goal of reducing fatal drowning by 50 per cent by the year 2020.

Global Report on Drowning
The World Health Organisation’s report sets out a range of effective drowning prevention strategies and makes a number of recommendations to be taken by national and local governments in collaboration with water safety agencies.

Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan 2017-2020
This action plane steers the vision, strategic priorities, investment and principles for the Victorian Government and the emergency management sector.