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Driving the Future of Pool Safety

The number of fatal drowning incidences in Australian swimming pools has progressively declined over the last twenty years. This is thanks mainly to increased water safety education programs and ongoing improvements to general pool operation.

Whilst good progress is demonstrated, more can and should be done to ensure that all reasonable measures are in place to protect users of public, private and home pools.

LSV are currently working hard to ensure that the whole Industry has a say regarding the future direction of pool safety in Victoria. Various projects are underway, which are being framed in line with basic risk management principles.

Establish the Context

  • Consideration of a legislated / mandated approach to public swimming pool safety
  • Development of a formal Victorian State register for Council owned public pools
  • Identification of an appropriate Government Department to oversee development
  • Consistent baseline approach to LSV / facility / WorkSafe assessment template/s

Risk Assessment (Identify, Analyse, Evaluate)

  • Formal Council / Organisational commitment to Pool Safety Assessments
  • Establishment of a Victorian Public Pool Injury / Incident Register
  • Developing the Victorian ‘Watch Around Water’ water safety program
  • Improved Industry representation at appropriate ARV / VET / Governmental forums

Risk Treatment

  • Implementation of agreed provisions by facility owners / operators
  • Support from Industry, WorkSafe and peak bodies
  • Consolidated approach to (generic) risk treatment measures
  • Improved access to the content of the GSPO

Monitor and Review

  • Producing annual Victorian ‘State of Industry’ Reports (Assessment summaries)
  • The inclusion of improved ‘safety’ benchmarking in the ‘LG Reporting Framework’
  • Broader and more frequent review of the current GSPO / GWS’s
  • LSV production of the Annual ‘Victorian Drowning Report’ to Industry

Communicate and Consult

  • Holistic Industry ‘GSPO review’ ongoing involvement
  • LSV delivery of the annual ‘Pool Safety Summit’ and partnership / input opportunities
  • Enabling Industry input and feedback through the ‘LSV Platinum Pool Steering Committee’
  • LSV production of the quarterly ‘Safer Pools’ newsletter at no cost to Industry