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LSV Membership

LSV Membership for Aquatic Industry

Join us in our most worthwhile mission by becoming an LSV associate or individual member.  Membership is available to aquatic facilities, community groups, swim schools, emergency response agencies and individuals.

Stay connected, be supported and access a range of premium member benefits. Associate and individual members,  combined with our current 38,000+ members through 57 lifesaving clubs, strengthen our ability to improve water safety standards across Victoria.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Associate and individual members of LSV will have exclusive access to benefits including:

Financial benefits, including:

  • Discounts on select programs and services
  • Special offers from partner organisations and suppliers
  • Venue hire preference for courses, activities and events
  • Access to industry specific PD programs and activities
  • Free access to select online learning activities

Partnership benefits, including:

  • Nominating for LSV Awards of Excellence awards
  • Co-branding opportunities and peak body alignment
  • Nomination rights for position in LSV’s Aquatic Education and Industry Engagement Council
  • Advocacy and engagement opportunities
  • Development and improvement of new and existing initiatives

Service benefits, including:

  • Access to webinars and networking events
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Regular industry updates through newsletters
  • Support from aquatic industry and water safety experts
  • Access to a new member portal
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should sign up for an ‘associate’ membership?

A: Associate Memberships are available to aquatic and recreation facility operators, schools and education providers, community organisations, government bodies, emergency services agencies and corporate organisations.

Q: Who should sign up for an ‘individual’ membership?

A: Individual Memberships are available to aquatic facility managers, learn to swim pool managers, program managers, operations coordinators & team leaders, aquatics coordinators, duty managers and deck supervisors, PE teachers, outdoor education teachers, pool lifeguards, swim teachers and anyone else who would like to help further our mission.

Q: Are these memberships new?

A: LSV has offered both associate and individual memberships for many years. The recent events associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have provided LSV’s industry facing teams under the Aquatic Education and Industry Engagement Council with the opportunity to review the membership model, provide additional benefits and better align with the challenges and opportunities which the industry is going to face in the immediate and longer term future.

Q: What is the cost of the membership?

A:  LSV has taken the decision to provide associate and individual memberships to new partners at no cost during 2020/21. The reason behind this is to encourage uptake of the new and improved member benefits, acknowledging that the year has been particularly difficult from both financial and operational perspectives. The hope is that members will register and gain access to the member benefits, see for themselves the benefits that a membership with LSV will offer, without having to worry about any associated cost.

Q: How much will the membership cost next year?

A: Whilst the membership costs haven’t been finalised, the annual renewal is anticipated to be $80 for an individual and $280 for an associate. The membership is intended to reflect great value for money and offer a wide range of direct and indirect benefits to the member with all money contributing and reinvested back into a stronger aquatic industry and improved water safety standards across Victorian communities.

Q: What happens after I join?

A: On becoming a new member you will be sent a welcome pack, media release (associates only), a log in to the portal and full information on the available member benefits.