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Pool Safety Assessments

Life Saving Victoria’s Aquatic Facility / Pool Safety team have been providing expert water safety advice to pool owners and operators for over two decades. As such, they have become known as the industry’s centre of excellence in Victoria and across Australia. They are able to assist in all aspects of pool safety including facility design, safe operation, supervision, critical incident management and general management consultancy.

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Pool Safety Assessment

Pool Safety Assessment

Pool Safety Assessments are designed to provide you with an overview of your facilities performance against Industry standards and expectations. The Assessment is tailored to your facility based on the water spaces, special features and programs that you offer. The assessment is constantly reviewed by Industry experts, fully reference based and considered best practice within the Aquatic Industry.

The output of the process is a ‘safety assessment’ and ‘risk treatment plan’ which will provide information on your compliance levels and recommend practical solutions to any identified risks. Facilities are recommended to undertake Pool Safety Assessments on a regular and systematic basis. LSV recommends that facilities use risk exposure (attendance numbers) to determine this frequency.

– Over 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every year

– 20,000 – 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every two years

– Under 20,000 visits per year – Assessment every three years

Service cost (incl GST):

Council Owned public pools – $1900
Learn to Swim and Body Corporate pools – $1350
Early childhood care, School and Higher education pools  – $1350
Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan ground pools – $1350
Sports venues, Resorts and Club pools  – $1350
Supervision Assessment

Supervision Assessment

From 1st September 2019, the revised Supervision Section of the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO) became effective across Victorian aquatic facilities. Due to the complexity and importance of providing appropriate levels of supervision at public pools, LSV have introduced a new Supervision Assessment to support facilities and identify areas for improvement with regards to management systems and complete compliance with the new supervision guidelines.

The Supervision Assessment will review a facility’s Supervision Risk Assessment, Risk Management Framework and Lifeguard Deployment / Supervision Plan against the provisions set out in the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations – Supervision and Risk Management sections as well as relevant sections of ISO 31000:2018 – Guidelines for Risk Management. Once complete, facilities are provided with: i) practical feedback and advice regarding their level of compliance with the guidelines and standards; ii) a sample risk treatment plan; iii) dead-water maps / line of sight analysis; and, iv) a Mystery Guest Visit to assess how well the staff adhere to the Supervision Plan / Lifeguard Deployment.

Service cost (incl GST):

Council Owned public pools – $4,000
Learn to Swim and Body Corporate pools – $3,000
Early childhood care, School and Higher education pools  – $3,000
Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan ground pools – $3,000
Sports venues, Resorts and Club pools  – $3,000
Mystery Guest Visit

Mystery Guest Visit

Mystery Guest Visits (MGV) are an ideal analysis of operational practices and staff / lifeguard behavior by providing the operator with an accurate insight of the standards from the perspective of a customer.

MGV’s are particularly useful during busy periods and periods of high risk including the summer and school holidays. They are also a useful tool for facilities that do not have Management representation at the facility during key times such as early morning and evening.

Service cost (incl GST) – $600
Signage Assessment

Signage Assessment

Signage Assessments are a one stop shop establishing both current compliance levels and additional requirements of a facilities signage. As an objective risk treatment measure signage is regularly scrutinised following serious aquatic incidents and there are few excuses for insufficient / inappropriate provisions.

The Signage Assessment will audit the signage associated with the i) facility entry, ii) pool spaces, iii) special features and iv) plant / chemical storage. LSV can design, manufacture and deliver signage to ensure full compliance with the Australian Standards.

In the past four years LSV has provided signage to hundreds of facilities across Australia and has become accustomed to providing fast, cost effective and compliant solutions to new and existing facilities.

Service cost (incl GST) – $1400

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