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Pool Safety Assessments

Life Saving Victoria’s Aquatic industry Services team have been providing expert water safety advice to pool owners and operators; and inland and coastal waterway land managers, for over two decades. As such, they have become known as the industry’s centre of excellence in Victoria and across Australia. They are able to assist in all aspects of pool and waterway safety including facility design, safe operation, supervision, critical incident management, general management consultancy, signage assessment and signage supply.

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Pool Safety Assessment

Pool Safety Assessment

Pool Safety Assessments are designed to provide you with an overview of your facilities performance against Industry standards and expectations. The Assessment is tailored to your facility based on the water spaces, special features and programs that you offer. The assessment is constantly reviewed by Industry experts, fully reference based and considered best practice within the Aquatic Industry.

The output of the process is a ‘safety assessment’ and ‘risk treatment plan’ which will provide information on your compliance levels and recommend practical solutions to any identified risks. Facilities are recommended to undertake Pool Safety Assessments on a regular and systematic basis. LSV recommends that facilities use risk exposure (attendance numbers) to determine this frequency.

– Over 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every year

– 20,000 – 100,000 visits per year – Assessment every two years

– Under 20,000 visits per year – Assessment every three years

Service cost (incl GST):

Council Owned public pools – $2050
Learn to Swim and Body Corporate pools – $1000
Early childhood care, School and Higher education pools  – $1000
Hotel, Motel, Camping and Caravan ground pools – $1000
Sports venues, Resorts and Club pools  – $1000
Theme parks – $2050
Supervision Assessment

Supervision Assessment

From 1st September 2019, the revised Supervision Section of the RLSSA Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation (GSPO) became effective across Victorian aquatic facilities. Due to the complexity and importance of providing appropriate levels of supervision at public pools, LSV have introduced a new Supervision Assessment to support facilities and identify areas for improvement with regards to management systems and complete compliance with the new supervision guidelines.

The Supervision Assessment will review a facility’s Supervision Risk Assessment, Risk Management Framework and Lifeguard Deployment / Supervision Plan against the provisions set out in the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations – Supervision and Risk Management sections as well as relevant sections of ISO 31000:2018 – Guidelines for Risk Management. Once complete, facilities are provided with: i) practical feedback and advice regarding their level of compliance with the guidelines and standards; ii) a sample risk treatment plan; iii) dead-water maps / line of sight analysis; and, iv) a Mystery Guest Visit to assess how well the staff adhere to the Supervision Plan / Lifeguard Deployment.

Service cost (incl GST): $185 per hour
Mystery Guest Visit

Mystery Guest Visit: Enhancing Operational Standards through Expert Perspective

Mystery Guest Visits (MGV) offer aquatic facility operators a unique opportunity to assess operational practices and staff/lifeguard behavior from an expert’s viewpoint. By tapping into the customer journey through your facility, MGVs provide invaluable insights that can spotlight areas of excellence or indicate where improvements are needed.

Key benefits of MGVs include:

  • Operational Insight: Get an unfiltered look into how your facility functions during regular operations, revealing potential gaps or areas of improvement in your Supervision Plan.
  • Peak Period Analysis: Especially crucial during busy times like the summer, school holidays, or other high-risk periods, MGVs capture the real-time lifegaurd performance.
  • Off-Hours Evaluation: For facilities that may lack managerial presence during early mornings or evenings, MGVs ensure that high standards are maintained round-the-clock.

Considering the ever-evolving expectations of customers, staying attuned to lifeguard performance is essential. MGVs bridge the gap between management perceptions and the reality on the ground, providing an avenue for continuous improvement by ensuring supervision is always at its best at your facility.

Service cost (incl GST) – $650
Signage assessments and signage sales

Signage Assessments: Ensuring Compliance and Safety with Australian Standards

Navigating the complexities of facility signage compliance can be a daunting task, but LSV Signage Assessments streamline the process, providing an all-encompassing review of an aquatic facility’s current compliance status and any additional signage needs. Given that signage often comes under scrutiny after significant aquatic incidents, there’s a heightened need for correct and appropriate signage provisions — oversights in this area leave little room for justification.

Our comprehensive Signage Assessment examines:

  • Facility entry signage.
  • Signage within pool areas.
  • Signs associated with special features.
  • Markings for plant and chemical storage areas.

As a leading name in aquatic safety, LSV doesn’t just stop at assessments. We also specialise in the design, manufacture, and delivery of compliant signage, ensuring your facility aligns with the rigorous Australian Standards.

Over the past four years, LSV has become the go-to partner for hundreds of facilities across Victoria. Whether it’s a new establishment or an existing one, we’re reputed for our swift, affordable, and compliant signage solutions. Ensure your facility’s safety and compliance by choosing LSV’s Signage Assessments.

Service cost (incl GST) – $1450
Water Quality Risk Mangement Plans

Water Quality Risk Management Plans: Complying with the 2019 Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations

The 2019 Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations mandate that aquatic facilities prioritise safety by minimising potential hazards. Specifically, operators of aquatic facilities are tasked with managing and mitigating risks to human health from pathogenic micro-organisms present in the water. This involves ensuring that water quality adheres strictly to both the Health Regulations and the established Water Quality Guidelines.

These Health Regulations outline:

  • General duties of aquatic facilities.
  • Registration protocols for aquatic facilities.
  • Essential water quality standards.
  • Mandatory record-keeping procedures.
  • Response strategies for instances of non-compliant water quality.
  • Specific requirements for aquatic facilities suspected or confirmed as infection sources.

To assist facilities in adhering to these regulations, LSV offers comprehensive Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMP). Customised to cater to aquatic facilities of all sizes, our WQRMP ensures that your facility remains compliant, safeguarding both the health of users and your facility’s reputation.

Service cost (incl GST) – $185 per hour