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Aquatic Sport Professional Development Workshops

The series has been established to provide another avenue of training for Aquatic Sport Volunteers (Coaches, Officials, Team Managers, Age Managers, Delegates & anyone else involved in Aquatic Sport. We anticipate the workshops will provide essential information for volunteers to manage and carry out their roles within the Aquatic Sport & Club environment, as well as assisting people in their everyday lives.

Each Workshop will be held in five (5) locations, across five (5) different evenings. The Workshop content will be essentially the same in each session, but each Workshop covers a different topic.

Workshop#1 – Communication & Conflict Management 

Communication has a significant impact on the way in which we undertake all aspects of work.  This workshop looks at the ways in which we communicate, common issues that occur through miscommunication and tools that will assist in improving communication.

These sessions -facilitated by Rob O’Brien- will encourage participants to discuss common behaviour types and how to maximise the opportunity to work together. The workshop will present the most common emotions exhibited in interactions and provides strategies for maintaining a working relationship, and will utilise case studies specific to Sport.

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Workshop#2 – Team Dynamics (Incorporating Code of Conduct and Case Studies) 

These sessions – facilitated by David Parkin for some sessions, and Kathy Tessier for some- will look at what a team looks like and how roles are organised. It will discuss how to get the best out of a team both as a leader and participant and how our performance can be optimised through implementing some simple strategies. The session will also cover the concepts of coaching and mentoring and how this may assist in achieving optimal performance for individuals and teams.

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Workshop#3 – IT Solutions/Training (Carnival Registration Program/Nipper App) 

These sessions – facilitated by Aquatic Sport and ML&D Staff- will go through the new Carnival Entry System and Nipper App. It is an opportunity to see how the programs work and gain further training.

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Additional information is available here on the Aquatic PD Flyer.

For further information, please contact sport@lsv.com.au or phone 03 9676 6957.