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Blue Connections

Welcome to Blue Connections

Blue Connections is Life Saving Victoria’s networking PD event series. It connects the broader Aquatic Industry, our 43,000 Volunteer Members, Staff, Emergency Service partners, Education and Sport & Recreation sectors, and interested community members together quarterly to network, share, and grow through interactive professional and personal development workshops.

Upcoming Blue Connections Event

Session: SUMMIT SECRETS; Resilience and Adaptability

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Lock OAM – Motivational speaker, Author, Mountaineer

Date: Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Time: 6:30pm for light refreshments – 7pm to 8pm session

Location: The Views, Life Saving Victoria State Centre, Port Melbourne

Session Overview: 

One word describes Andrew Lock.  RESILIENCE.  He is the only member of the entire British Commonwealth to have climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8000 metre – death zone – mountains, all without oxygen, guides or Sherpa support.   That journey took 16 years. He has been buried in avalanches, fell into innumerable crevasses and survived multiple -30C bivouacs at night, at 8000 metres, without oxygen, tents or sleeping bags.  He lost more than 20 friends to those mountains.   And that is just part of our next Blue Connections speaker’s story.

Andrew has dragged sleds through the Arctic winter in -60C darkness when even the locals said it couldn’t be done.  He has sailed small yachts to Antarctica and won his division in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.  He has managed the largest international counter terrorism exercise ever conducted in Australia and led teams of scientists on official Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions to its most remote, storm swept outposts.

But to Andrew, RESILIENCE does not mean stubbornness or dogged determination when things don’t go according to plan.  His powerful messages are of adapting, creating opportunity out of obstacles and making the journey the goal, rather than a path to get there.  It means leading with empathy and achieving organisational success through enabling people.

An inspirational and highly regarded motivational speaker, Andrew will draw on his extraordinary stories and powerful lessons from real life experiences in extremis and empower us all to be our most resilient selves no matter our circumstances.

Please note: This session will be delivered face-to-face in line with Government recommendations and, in the event that circumstances change, we will adapt to deliver our programming online where possible. In some cases a presentation recording will be available and/or in other cases no resources will be made available after an event – depending on individual session circumstances.

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