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Board Governance Review

The fundamentals of LSV’s governance remain the same as when first formed some 16 years ago. In that time there have been major changes in operations, external relationships and community expectations including:

LSV is now a recognized emergency management organisation
The changing nature of volunteerism and members’ interest and ability to contribute to governance and operational decision making
The increased breadth, turnover and complexity of LSV operations
The need for greater diversity and equality on the Board and key committees

Consequently the Board considered it appropriate and timely to undertake a review of how the LSV Board is constituted and to that end commissioned consultants ThoughtPost Governance to undertake the review and if appropriate, suggest alternative models.

To date the consultants have undertaken a detailed review of the current governance arrangements, undertaken stakeholder consultation via a survey and submitted an initial report suggesting a range of alternative models for constituting the LSV Board.

The Board has reviewed that report and rejected all but two alternatives; one being “Do Nothing”, the other a a slight modification of the status quo which would see each Council elect one Director and the Board appoint five Independent Directors as opposed to three currently. This is seen as giving the Board greater flexibility in ensuring it has the right mix of skills and also in meeting expectations in respect to diversity and equality on the Board.

CLICK HERE to read the Consultation Paper prepared by ThoughtPost Governance

CLICK HERE to provide your comments or raise a question about the Board Governance Review

Please submit any responses by Friday 22nd June 2018.

Members of the LSV Governance Committee and representatives from ThoughtPost Governance will be available at LSV from 6pm on Wednesday 27 June to provide a detailed briefing for representatives of each of the LSV Council Executives and other interested members.
Note that the LSV Board will not make any decision on this matter until at least August 2018.

Peter Williams
Chair, LSV Governance Committee