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COVID-19 Recovery for Lifesaving Clubs

On this page you will find all information on LSV’s COVID-19 recovery support for lifesaving clubs. Support is being provided across four pillars being Financial Impact, COVIDSafe Planning, Membership Sustainability and Health & Wellbeing.

**** Note this is an information site for Lifesaving Club Officers, Administrators & Members*****

COVIDSafe Activity Guide

Activity Guide

To view a summary of current restrictions and what is permitted, please review the: LSV Activity Guide

LSV COVIDSafe Plan and Roadmap


LSV Recovery Roadmap

NOTE: Given the high frequency of changes that are occurring throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this document is effective as of the date indicated above and is considered out of date once downloaded or printed. This document will be updated as restrictions change from time to time and/or greater clarity is determined.

Template Club COVIDSafe Plan

A COVIDSafe plan has been developed for each lifesaving club. These lifesaving club COVIDSafe Plans rerence LSV’s COVIDSafe Plan and provides tailored information for each lifesaving club. A sample is provided below.

PDF – Sample COVIDSafe Plan for Lifesaving Clubs

Supporting Resources

COVIDSafe General Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Reference COVIDSafe Coordinator Position Description Current 07/09/2021
2 Reference COVIDSafe Lifesaving Season FAQ Current 08/09/2021
3 Reference COVIDSafe Legal & Insurance FAQ Current 08/09/2021
4 Reference COVIDSafe Ongoing FAQ Current 09/07/2021
5 Video COVIDSafe Planning – Introduction Video Information Only 07/09/2021
6 Video COVIDSafe Plans Video Information Only 07/09/2021
7 Reference COVIDSafe Resource Change Log New for 2021/22 07/09/2021
8 Guide Media and COVID-19 Current 07/09/2021
9 Guide Social Media and COVID-19 Current 07/09/2021
10 Checklist COVIDSafe Worker Permit Checklist Current 29/09/2021
11 Checklist COVIDSafe Personal Health Checklist Current 29/12/2021
12 Checklist COVIDSafe Case Action Plan Current 27/04/2022
13 Guide AGMs – Practical Guide Current 07/09/2021
14 Guide COVIDSafe Masks Advice Current 27/04/2022
15 Reference COVID-19 Vaccinations FAQ Current 27/04/2022
16 Reference COVID-19 Vaccinations School Programs Exception FAQ Current 24/11/2021

COVIDSafe Facility Access Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Guide COVIDSafe Emergency Access Guide Current 07/09/2021
2 Guide COVIDSafe Cleaning Guide Current 21/10/2021
3 Checklist COVIDSafe Facility Setup Checklist Current 07/09/2021
4 Guide COVIDSafe Contact Tracing Guide Current 07/09/2021
5 Checklist COVIDSafe Signage Checklist Current 07/09/2021
6 Template COVIDSafe Signage Pack Current 15/12/2021
7 Reference COVIDSafe Bunkhouse Guidance Current 02/03/2022
8 Reference COVIDSafe Hospitality Pre-Opening Checklist Current 07/10/2021
9 Reference COVIDSafe Hospitality Management Checklist Current 29/10/2021
10 Reference COVIDSafe Hospitality Participant Checklist Current 07/10/2021
11 Checklist COVIDSafe Special Event Process Current 11/11/2021
12 Checklist COVIDSafe BBQ Checklist Current 07/09/2021

COVIDSafe Lifesaving Operations Training Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Checklist COVIDSafe Lifesaving Operations Training Checklist Current 01/10/2021
2 Guide New Awards – Training Delivery Plan  Current 10/01/2022
3 Checklist COVIDSafe Lifesaving Operations Training FAQ Information Only 10/03/2022

COVIDSafe Lifesaving Operations Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Reference COVIDSafe First Responder Checklist Current 17/12/2021
2 Videos COVIDSafe Patrolling Guide Videos Information Only 30/09/2021
3 Guide COVIDSafe Donning Guide Information Only 30/09/2021
4 Guide COVIDSafe Doffing Guide Information Only 30/09/2021
5 Video COVIDSafe Donning and Doffing Video Information Only 30/09/2021
6 Guide Life Support Guidelines for COVID-19 Current 17/12/2021
7 Guide COVIDSafe Modified Patrols Guide Current 07/10/2021
8 Guide COVIDSafe Communicable Diseases Guidelines Information Only 17/12/2021
9 SOP SOP 1.19 – Modified Patrol Operations (COVID-19) Current 01/12/2021
10 Guide COVIDSafe Clinical Waste Disposal Guide Current 07/10/2021

COVIDSafe Member Development Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Reference COVIDSafe Nipper Program Guide (ALL IN ONE) Current 24/12/2021
2 Reference COVIDSafe Nippers FAQ Current 24/12/2021
3 Reference COVIDSafe Nippers Officer Position Description Current 19/10/2021
4 Reference COVIDSafe Beach Setup Guide Current 19/10/2021
5 Checklist COVIDSafe Nipper Program Checklist Current 24/11/2021
6 Template COVIDSafe Club Nipper Program Information Form Current 19/10/2021
7 Checklist COVIDSafe Age Manager and Water Safety Checklist Current 24/12/2021
8 Checklist COVIDSafe Nipper and Parent or Carer Checklist Current 24/12/2021
9 Reference COVIDSafe Modified Education Lessons Guide Current 19/10/2021
10 Reference COVIDSafe Modified Skills Sessions Guide Current 19/10/2021
11 Reference COVIDSafe Modified Games Guide Current 19/10/2021
12 Checklist COVIDSafe Development Programs Checklist Current 19/10/2021

COVIDSafe Aquatic Sport Resources

# Resource Type Resource Name Status Last Reviewed
1 Reference Club COVIDSafe Marshall – Aquatic Sport Position Description Current 25/10/2021
2 Checklist COVIDSafe Sport Training Checklist Current 25/10/2021
3 Checklist Fitness Programs Information Only 25/10/2021
4 Checklist COVIDSafe Surfboat Training Checklist Current 25/10/2021
5 Reference COVIDSafe Club Aquatic Sport Guide Current 26/10/2021
6 Reference Aquatic Sport Safety Handbook Current 25/10/2021
7 Reference LSV Aquatic Sport Carnivals COVIDSafe Event Plan Current 12/01/2022
8 Reference LSV Carnival COVIDSafe Marshall, Check-in Marshall & Officer Position Description Current 26/10/2021
9 Reference COVIDSafe LSV Carnival Officials Checklist Current 26/10/2021
10 Checklist COVIDSafe LSV Pool Carnival Officials Checklist Current 26/10/2021
11 Reference LSV Aquatic Sport Pool Lifesaving COVIDSafe Event Plan Current 06/04/2022
12 Reference LSV Aquatic Sport Carnivals COVIDSafe IRB Event Plan Current 04/05/2022
13 Reference LSV High Performance Criteria Decommissioned N/A
14 Reference COVIDSafe SportApp Entries Guide Decommissioned N/A
15 Listing Victorian Government’s Tier 3 COVIDSafe Checklist – Listing Decommissioned N/A