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Age Managers

A successful Nippers program is only possible with the support of motivated parents and volunteers. For these programs to continue in the future it is important that parents continue to put up their hand and offer assistance by becoming an Age Manager.

Age Managers are responsible for developing our Nippers into future lifesavers and to provide a supportive environment in which they can learn.

Role Description

Role Description

The Age Manager has an important role within lifesaving to care and nurture the future Australian surf lifesavers. Age Managers are responsible for:

  • care, safety, well being, development of junior surf lifesavers.
  • facilitating the development of surf life saving skills (movement skills, surf awareness) and personal development skills (eg. Confidence, teamwork, leadership)
  • playing a fundamental role in the delivery of a learning program encouraging /developing young surf lifesavers.
  • you may not have all the skills and understandings in all program areas, however your role will be to seek out and utilise expertise within your club.

You are, in effect, a young lifesaver’s first mentor and coach.



To be eligible to become an Age Manager you must:

  • Be of 18 years or older
  • Be a financial member of a Life Saving Club
  • Hold a valid Working with Children Check
  • Complete the online Child Safe Awareness Module
  • Complete the Age Manager Online Theory or Face to Face Course

The Age Manager will also need to demonstrate:

  • A willingness to take the responsibility for the learning of a group
  • An ability to provide a positive role model
  • An ability to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the group
  • A willingness to develop their own knowledge of surf lifesaving
  • An undertaking to work as part of a team
  • A willingness to take time to plan and prepare to ensure success
  • An ability to instil enjoyment and fun in what they do
Age Managers Course

Age Managers Course

Life Saving Victoria recommends that you attend an Age Managers course run by your Club.

For those individuals that would prefer, there is an online alternative which you can work through in order to gain your theory accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Age Manager?

Age Managers are important to the growth, retention and development of individuals and membership moving forward. These skills can then be furthered by assisting clubs at carnivals, club events and membership drives. The Age Managers role is to look after an age group on the beach and facilitate their learning in relation to the Surf Education Program as well as developing their skills in competition beach and water disciplines.

Age Managers should be comfortable in teaching skills to a range of Nippers ranging from 5 years of age through to 14 years.

How do I become an Age Manager?

Age Managers must complete an Age Manager’s course. These courses are conducted in all areas of Victoria in the lead up to and during the summer season, or on demand by a club. These courses will be delivered by an appropriately qualified Age Manager Mentors.

How long does the Age Manager qualification last?

The Age Manager qualification lasts for 5 years.After that, you must complete the course again.

What is an Age Manager Mentor?

An Age Manager Mentor is a member who is responsible for the training, mentoring and upskilling of new and existing age managers.

How old do I need to be to become an Age Manager?

Life Saving Victoria only recognises Age Managers who are 18 years or over. We only encourage Age Managers of this age to be in charge of a group of Nippers on the beach or in the water. Any volunteer who is under the age of 18 years must have an Age Manager (18 years or over) with them while assisting a group.

Age Manager Mentor

Age Manager Mentor

An Age Manager Mentor is someone who delivers the Age Managers course at a Club or Area level.

Age Manager Mentor Pre Requisites

To be eligible to become an Age Manager Mentor you must:

  • Be aged over 18 years
  • Be a financial member of your club
  • Have a current Working With Children Check
  • Have a current Age Manager qualification
  • Have completed the online Child Safe Awareness Course
  • Have held a position in your club as an Age Manager for the past 2 seasons.


  • Teaching or training/assessing qualifications or experience, preferably in an aquatic area.