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Nipper Education Program

The Club Gateway is the new home of all Nippers information for Clubs and Members. Head to clubs.lsv.com.au

The major program for children at Life Saving Clubs in Victoria is the Nipper Education Program (5 – 14 years). This National program is structured specifically to their ages and abilities, and gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills required to be safe around an aquatic environment as well as developing their skills to compete in surf sports.

As the Nipper program is designed to teach lifesaving skills and safety around the beach, we strongly encourage all parents of children with limited swimming ability to enrol them in swimming lessons first. Upon registering your child with a Life Saving Club Nipper program, they will be required to pass a set of evaluation skills including a swimming assessment.

Parent Help

Parents Needed for Help with Nippers

To make sure that Nipper programs can run successfully it is important that parents put their hands up and offer assistance. Age Manager courses are available which educate parents and volunteers on how to instruct Nipper activities on the beach and in the water. Please refer to the Age Managers section of the website for further information.
Age Managers

Age Groups

Nipper Age Groups

The minimum age for children to participate in Junior Activities in Victoria is 5 years (U/6) up to a maximum age of 13 years (U/14) on a seasonal basis.

A member is appointed to a particular age group each season based on their age on 30 September. It is recommended that birth certificates are sighted upon a junior member registering with a Club.

Please note:

  • If the Club’s nippers activities commence prior to 30 September then the child is still grouped into the age group of their age as on 30 September, of the corresponding year
  • A child cannot be classed as member until they turn 5 Years Old (e.g. if a child turns 5 on 1 November, they cannot partake in any activities until that date)
  • Children who turn 5 Years Old after 30 September in the current season will be require to join as an U/6, for the current and following season
5 Years Old Participate as Under 6
6 Years Old Participate as Under 7
7 Years Old Participate as Under 8
8 Years Old Participate as Under 9
9 Years Old Participate as Under 10
10 Years Old Participate as Under 11
11 Years Old Participate as Under 12
12 Years Old Participate as Under 13 (or Under 15 upon gaining their Surf Rescue Certificate)
13 Years Old Participate as Under 14 (or Under 15 upon gaining their Surf Rescue Certificate)
14 Years Old Participate as Under 15 (or Under 17 upon gaining their Surf Bronze Medallion)

Juniors must complete activities in their own age group. At carnivals they must compete in individual events in their own age group, but may go up one (1) age group to make up a team in team events.

Further Information

Further information

To enquire about joining a Life Saving Club’s Nippers program please CLICK HERE or phone Club & Volunteer Services on 03 9676 6930 for further information.

CLICK HERE for information regarding registered swim schools in Victoria and enrolling your child for swimming lessons.