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Aquatic Sport Administration Review

The LSV Board identified the need to increase member experience and satisfaction in Sport as a LSV strategic priority, and subsequently commissioned the Aquatic Sport Administration Review. The Review, undertaken by the Sport team, commenced in October 2017 and concluded in July 2018. The objective of the Review was to identify the issues/challenges associated with the delivery of Aquatic Sport and recommend solutions for improvement.

From the onset, two principles were fundamental to the scope of the Review:

1. ‘Member driven’ – where identification of challenges, solutions and priorities were to be drawn from the participating membership; and
2. ‘Better before bigger’ – where the priority is making Sport better from a member experience perspective before making it bigger from a participation perspective.

There was strong member engagement into the with findings resulting in the following 5 recommendations on priorities to be addressed:

  • Developing people – A focus on better training, support, planning, tools and guidance to help our members fulfil the range of roles they play, while fostering and increasing accountability for better behaviour from all stakeholders.
  • Prioritising safety – A focus on better preparation, planning, tools, equipment, training and integration with lifesaving operations, while communicating better with host clubs, team managers, athletes and families.
  • Upgrading technology – A focus on better use of technology to improve the ease of use, reduce administration, increase efficiency and make things more fun, while working with the national bodies and clubs to improve integration between systems.
  • Increasing promotion – A focus on better profiling and promotion of Sport across a range of internal and external audiences through modern channels, while recognising and celebrating the contributions and achievements of our members.
  • Improving evaluation – A focus on better analysis and evidence for decision making, with a greater emphasis on feedback, while providing more timely and relevant information for stakeholders.

A 2-year Work Plan (link below) for implementing the recommendations has been developed. Implementing the recommendations from the Review over the next two years is expected to have a significant impact on improving the member experience in Sport. A sentiment that resonated throughout the Review is that LSV is in a unique position with our Sport being more than just a sport. We can use Sport to grow our membership and develop practical lifesaving skills, thereby enabling our capacity to save lives.


Full Report
Summary of the Review
Two-year Work Plan

Monitoring Progress:

Work Plan Status – On track

FY 2018/19

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Q2 – Click Here
Q2 – Evaluation Plan- Click Here
Q3 – Click Here
Q4-  Click Here
Year 1 (FY18/19) Report – Click Here
Year 1 Monitoring & Evaluation Full Report – Click Here
Year 1 Monitoring & Evaluation Executive Summary – Click Here

FY 2019/20

Q1 – Click Here
Q2- Click Here
Q3 – Click Here 
Q4 – n/a (COVID impacted)
Year 2 (FY19/20) Report – Click here
Year 2 Monitoring & Evaluation Full Report – Click Here

NEXT STEPS – The Aquatic Sport Executive acknowledge the impacts of COVID-19 on delivery of the Year 2 work plan.  While much progress has been made, the five recommendation priority areas remain a focus.  The next step is to formulate a targeted Action Plan with input from Aquatic Sport Council Delegates for 2021/22 and beyond, in line with LSV’s Strategic Plan (2021-2024).

For further information, please contact sport@lsv.com.au or phone 03 9676 6957.