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2017/2018 Sports Calendar

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The information provided in this document may be subject to change in the future.

Date Day Event Name Venue Type Event Time Circular Program Results
22-Oct-17 Sunday Sorrento to Rosebud VSRL Surf Boats  9.00am N/A Cancelled N/A
5-Nov-17 Sunday Lorne SLSC VSRL Surf Boats  8.30am N/A N/A Click here
11-Nov-17 Saturday Half Moon Bay SLSC Special Event  11.00am Click here N/A Click here
18-19 Nov Sat/Sun Portland SLSC VSRL Surf Boats  12.00pm N/A N/A
24-Nov-17 Friday Sandridge LSC LSV Surf Boats  6.00pm Click here N/A
26-Nov-17 Sunday Torquay SLSC Special Event  9.00am Click here
26-Nov-17 Sunday Williamstown S&LSC VSRL Surf Boats  8.30am
1-Dec-17 Friday Sandridge LSC LSV Surf Boats  6.00pm Click here N/A
3-Dec-17 Sunday Jan Juc SLSC Senior Carnival  8.30am
9-Dec-17 Saturday Torquay SLSC Senior Carnival Click here
16-Dec-17 Saturday Altona LSC Junior Carnival
5-Jan-18 Friday Cosy Corner Junior Carnival
7-Jan-18 Sunday Anglesea SLSC Senior Carnival
14-Jan-18 Sunday Fairhaven SLSC Senior Carnival
21-Jan-18 Sunday Chelsea SLSC Junior Qualifying Carnival
21-Jan-18 Sunday Ocean Grove SLSC VSRL Surf Boats  8.30am
26-Jan-18 Friday St. Kilda LSC VSRL Surf Boats  8.30am
27-Jan-18 Saturday Frankston LSC Junior Carnival
3-Feb-18 Saturday Lorne SLSC Special Event
4-Feb-18 Sunday Lorne SLSC Senior Carnival
10-Feb-18 Saturday Mordialloc LSC Champion Lifesaver
11-Feb-18 Sunday Mordialloc LSC Patrol Competition
11-Feb-18 Sunday Mordialloc LSC Junior Carnival
TBC TBC TBC First Aid Competition
17-Feb-18 Saturday South Melbourne LSC Junior Carnival
18-Feb-18 Sunday Seaspray SLSC Senior Carnival
21-Feb-18 Wednesday Mordialloc LSC Special Event
23-Feb-18 Friday Cosy Corner Special Event
24-Feb-18 Saturday Altona LSC Senior Carnival
25-Feb-18 Sunday Lorne SLSC Junior Qualifying Carnival
4-Mar-18 Sunday Point Leo SLSC Senior Carnival
10-Mar-18 Saturday Warrnambool SLSC Special Event
11-Mar-18 Sunday Warrnambool SLC Special Event
24-Mar-18 Saturday Apollo Bay SLSC Special Event
25-Mar-18 Sunday Apollo Bay SLSC Special Event
14-Apr-18 Saturday Scarborough, WA Special Event
22-Apr-18 Sunday Scarborough, WA Special Event