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Club Policies

These policies outline the minimum standards necessary for the conduct and management of lifesaving activities within all clubs affiliated with Life Saving Victoria. Clubs should use these policies as a first point of reference for the conduct of all activities.

LIFESAVING 1.01 Water Safety Policy May 2021
LSV SOP 8.3 – Water Safety Procedures
1.2 Use of Association Equipment
1.3 Body Retrieval Protocol
1.4 Off Duty Ambulance Officers on LSV Craft
1.5 Patrol Uniforms
1.6 New and Modified Equipment
1.7 Design and Manufacture of Rescue Tubes
1.8 Design and Manufacture of Rescue Boards
1.9 Assessment Policy (Available in RTO Policy and Procedure Manual)
1.10 Shark Safety Policy
1.11 Crocodile Safety Policy
1.12 Design and Manufacture of Boogie Boards
1.13 Travel on LSV Fixed Wing Aircraft
1.14 Volunteer State Officer Travel Reimbursement
1.15 SLSA Patrol Uniform Policy
HEALTH AND SAFETY 2.1 Sun Safety Policy
2.2 Lightning Policy
2.3 OH&S Policy
2.4 Rehabilitation Policy
2.5 Water Safety Ratio Calculator
2.6 Water_Quality_Guidelines
2.7 SLSA OHS Policy
MEDICAL 3.1 Sterilisation of Equipment
3.2 First Aid Management of Aquatic Neck Injuries
3.3 Pregnancy and the Lifesaver – Competition and Patrols
3.4 Marine Envenomation
3.5 Hepatitis Vaccination
3.6 Epilepsy
3.7 Defibrillation
3.8 Communicable Diseases
3.9 Asthma
3.10 Oxygen Equipment
POWERCRAFT 4 Under Review
COMPETITION 5.1 Gambling
5.2 Anti-Doping
5.3 Restricted Events

Competition Eligibility – Guidelines

Competition Eligibility Policy

August 2017
5.6 Design and Manufacture of Surf Craft
5.7 Surf Boat
5.8 Competition Sponsorship
5.9 Masters Competition Policy  April 2017
ADMINISTRATIVE 6.20 Social Media Policy May 2021
6.21 Photography, Digital Recording and Images Policy May 2021
6.2 Privacy Policy May 2021
Affiliated Services Support Grants Policy V1.0
HRM-PO-010 Life Saving Victoria Member Protection Working With Children Check Policy July 2017
N/A Working With Children’s Check Guidance Notes July 2017
SLSA 6.05 Member Protection Policy 6.05 August 2021
SLSA 6.06 Grievance Policy Mar 2008
SLSA 6.22 Inclusive Organisation Policy Mar 2010
HRM-PO-004 Safeguarding Children and Young People Commitment Statement  Oct 2016
HRM-PO-002 Safeguarding Children and Young People Behaviour Guidelines  Oct 2016