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Club Administrators

Club Administrators are equally as important as Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators, when it comes to volunteer training. This dedicated group of individuals are a vital component in ensuring that training opportunities are available to Members, and fulfill a wider range of supportive functions and duties.

Outstanding Awards

Outstanding Awards are training awards which are not able to be issued, due to insufficient evidence. Because of the inconvenience this causes, a simple process for managing these awards has been developed. The process includes the specific information required for the outstanding award being communicated to the course Trainers / Assessors and Facilitators as well as the Chief Instructor, President and Area Training and Assessment Officer. This information will be in the form of a ‘F29 – Course Evidence Request Form’. In addition each Clubs will receive a customised Outstanding Awards summary on a monthly basis to ensure all outstanding awards are known and being appropriate followed up..

School Programs

Partnerships between schools and clubs are a key component of volunteer training. They offer a unique opportunity for local engagement and which can jointly benefit the school, the participants and the club. To support in the ongoing success and delivery of training from clubs to schools, a simple memorandum of understanding template has been developed.

Memorandum of Understanding – School Programs