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Trainers, Assessors, Facilitators

Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators are a dedicated and committed group of volunteer members, who make a huge contribution to lifesaving. These individual go above and beyond to ensure LSV’s volunteer members have the knowledge, skills and rescue capabilities to provide safe beach environments for Victorian communities and visitors.

  • Trainers: Members who are qualified and / or otherwise authorised to deliver training activities on behalf of LSV for accredited training and / or lifesaving awards.
  • Assessors: Members who are qualified and / or otherwise authorised to deliver assessment activities on behalf of LSV for accredited training and / or lifesaving awards.
  • Facilitators: Members who are qualified and / or otherwise authorised to deliver training and assessment activities on behalf of LSV for accredited training and / or lifesaving award.
COVID-19 Documents


This document provides the organisational safety management plan which has been developed to support the safe delivery of training and assessment activities. Please ensure you read through all the requirements and follow any required instructions during the planning and delivery of lifesaving courses in line with the provisions of the resource as well as the LSV Activity Guide.

SLS Resuscitation Chart (DRSABCD Poster)

SLS Resuscitation Chart (DRSABCD Poster) – COVID-19 Adjustments

For all further Club COVID information please visit the Club COVID Recovery Webpage

Certificate II PUA - Upskill & RPL

Certificate II PUA – Upskill & RPL

The Cert II PUA (Aquatic Rescue) training package expired in July 2020. LSV would like to offer existing SRC and Bronze endorsed TAFs the opportunity to upskill to the new qualification (PUA20119 – Certificate II in Public Safety – Aquatic Rescue) and have developed a resource tool to enable this. The upskill is not mandatory for either training or assessment activities in Victoria, nor for aquatic sport competitions. Please use the link below to complete the upskill template and submit to volunteertraining@lsv.com.au.

Link – Cert II PUA – Endorsed TAF Upskill

Members who are awarded the Bronze Medallion after July 2020 and need to hold the new Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) for the purposes of participation in sporting activities or other such reasons may apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to gain the Cert II. Download the below document and work through each of the steps and submit to volunteertraining@lsv.com.au. Fees apply, although are waived for aquatic sport competitors.

Cert II PUA – New Member RPL Application 

Cert II PUA – RPL Assessor Guide

Cert II PUA – RPL Example

D9 Trainer Matrix

D9 Trainer Matrix

A Trainer Assessor Facilitator Matrix is required for all Trainers, Assessors or Facilitators delivering accredited courses (i.e. those courses which include units of competency – Resuscitation, First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation Techniques). The matrix is used to collect evidence of a Trainer / Assessor / Facilitator skills and experience associated with the courses being delivered. and should be updated every two years.

An organisational template has been developed to assist with this process and has been broken down into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Vocational Qualifications and License
  • Section 2: Volunteer Skills, Experience and Industry Currency
  • Section 3: Professional Development in VET / Training and Assessment
  • Section 4: Training Under Supervision

Completed matrix documents and supporting evidence should be submitted to volunteertraining@lsv.com.au, who will review the document and provide feedback. Accredited training and assessment must not be delivered without an approved matrix.

D9 Trainer Assessor Facilitator Matrix (PDF editable)

D9 Trainer Assessor Facilitator Matrix (Word editable)

D9 Trainer Assessor Facilitator Matrix (Example)

Evidence Forms

Evidence Forms

Standard evidence forms have been developed for i) Trainers, ii) Assessors and iii) Facilitators. These forms are jointly completed during supervised training and assessment activities by the trainee and the supervisor. The forms are used as evidence that the supervised member has attended the required number of sessions and successfully fulfilled the obligations of a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator.

The sign-off of a ‘Trainer – Evidence Form’ or ‘Assessor – Evidence Form’ or ‘Facilitator – Evidence Form’ can only be completed by a person qualified and authorised to deliver the award / qualification being supervised. This includes but is not limited to the Supervisor:

  • Being a current member / appropriate age
  • Remaining current in the base award / qualification and pre-requisites
  • Holding an appropriate Training / Assessment qualification
  • Completing the necessary Trainer, Assessor and / or Facilitator Evidence Form
  • Completing a D9 Trainer Matrix (accredited training only)

Trainer – Evidence Form

Assessor – Evidence Form

Facilitator – Evidence Form

Professional Development

Professional Development

LSV has an obligation to ensure all Trainers and Assessors undertake professional development in both their fields of knowledge and in vocational training and assessment. To meet the compliance requirements it is necessary to ensure any person delivering training or assessment activities has:

  • Vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed
  • Current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided
  • Up to date knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs their training and assessment

Presentation resources for recent LSV led activities are attached below. These also contribute to a member’s professional development.

Course Safety

Course Safety

Course safety is paramount to LSV training and assessment activities. The Volunteer Training Handbook provides information and advise on safety requirements including:

  • Training and Assessment Ratios
  • Water Safety Ratios
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Aquatic Activity (Run-Sim-Run) set up
  • High Visibility Requirements
  • Uniform Requirements

LSV is committed to the process of risk management and requires a risk management process to be undertaken prior to the commencement of all water-based member training activities. A standard risk assessment template has been developed and is available for use on courses.

Alternatively, the SLSA Water Safety App can be used to complete the pre-course risk management process. To get access to the App, please contact your area Volunteer Support Officer.

Aquatic Activity Risk Check Form

Become a Trainer or Assessor

Become a Trainer or Assessor

Becoming a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator includes achieving the skills, knowledge and competencies associated with the delivery of lifesaving club activities. The requirements are set out in the Volunteer Training Handbook on a award by award basis. Those wishing to pursue an involvement in training and / or assessment are encouraged to discuss this with their club Chief Instructor, President or authorised delegate. Alternatively, they can contact their Area Training and Assessment Officer or a member of the LSV Volunteer Training department for information and advice.

  • Accredited training is nationally recognised training, which includes the issuance of units of competency. This type of training sits under the authority of the Australian Qualifications Framework and is strictly monitored. The outcome of this training for successful members is the issuance of a Statement of Attainment or Qualification.
  • Non-accredited training sits outside the scope of the Australian Qualifications Framework and is developed, coordinated and delivered by LSV in partnership with SLSA.  The outcome of this training for successful candidates is the issuance of a lifesaving award.

Required Trainer / Assessor qualification include:

Existing / upcoming opportunities for professional development are set out below.

  • 2018 Diploma of VET TAE 50116 – Underway (one group)
  • 2018 Cert IV TAE 40116 – Underway (one group)
  • 2019 Assessor TAEASS502 (Upskill) – Complete (15 groups)
  • 2019 Assessor TAELLN411 (Upskill) – Complete (12 groups)
  • 2019 Assessor Skill Set (Upskill) – Underway (three groups)
  • 2019 Cert IV TAE 40116 (Upskill) – Underway (one group)
  • 2020 Training Officer Certificate (TOC) Complete (10 groups)
  • 2021 Training Officer Certificates (TOC) – Underway (11 groups)
  • 2021 Assessor Skill Set – In planning
  • 2021 Cert IV TAE 40116 – In planning