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Online Programs & Virtual Excursions

Online Programs

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is excited to announce the release of a suite of online Education Program offerings, delivered live to your classroom, during Term 3!

LSV’s online programs are interactive and are delivered by lifesavers and education instructors. The programs are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum, and aim to provide students with vital water safety knowledge, CPR and first aid skills, particularly while access to swimming and water safety lessons may be limited.

Program Information

Program Length: 30-45 minutes each session
Program Cost: Dependent on the number of participants, days and venue. Please contact us for a quote!
Digital Platform: Microsoft Teams (Video Conference Software)
Year Levels: All year levels can be catered for
Resources: All programs align to the Victorian Curriculum with a range of resources available to complement the programs including student activity workbooks. Click HERE to access.

Program Options

Sink or Swim Online:

Are your students unable to participate in swimming lessons during Term 3? We have converted our successful Sink or Swim program (typically delivered face-to-face as an incursion) online. A lifesaver will visit your classroom virtually and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact, while learning key water safety messages for a range of aquatic environments!

CPR for Kids Online:

Have you ever thought about what would happen if any of your students found themselves needing help from the emergency services? Would they know how to help a classmate, teacher or loved one in trouble? This online program is designed to give children the knowledge and skills to help if they found someone in an emergency using the DRSABCD emergency response acronym.
Participants to make or bring their own manikin using an old T-Shirt, textas, pillow, ball or milk carton. Instructions HERE! Or simply just use a teddy bear or pillow.

First Aid for Kids Online:

As an extension to CPR for Kids, this program has been developed so that children can learn lifesaving skills and work through a range of different first aid scenarios. This includes bleeds, burns and breaks which are common injuries for children at home, school or even while playing sport!
Participants to bring a teddy bear, empty drink bottle, book or magazine and a bandage i.e. Scarf, Tie, Tea Towel.

What you will need

Laptop or Device with Internet Access
Paper and Pencils

Bookings & Enquiries

For all bookings and enquiries, please click here and fill out your details. For further information regarding our Online Programs, please contact Education Services on 03 9676 6940 or email education.services@lsv.com.au

Virtual Excursions

Program Information

In collaboration with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Ambulance Victoria (AV), LSV delivered the Water Safety and Disaster Resilience Education – Virtual Excursions (A Pilot) project funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

Virtual excursions provide an exciting opportunity to utilise online platforms and innovative video conference technology to deliver an ‘all emergencies, all communities’ approach to safety education in Victorian schools. This pilot project has demonstrated the effectiveness of the program in utilising inter-agency collaboration and technology advancements to deliver engaging, informative, relevant DRE to Victorian students, whilst removing some traditional barriers in this area.

Through continued work in the virtual learning space and ongoing collaboration among the emergency management agencies, the sector can demonstrate the impact of effective partnerships and virtual learning on classrooms, complementing traditional teaching methods and working towards safe, resilient Victorian communities. The creation of a dynamic, engaging and innovative program owned by the leading Victorian emergency management agencies is likely to be extremely popular in classrooms across the state.


to provide an opportunity for schools to connect with Emergency Services and ask questions
to create an environment that encourages positive relationships between children and Emergency Services

Upcoming Sessions

In collaboration with other Emergency Services, Life Saving Victoria is inviting any interested schools to join us for our series of exclusive Virtual Excursions.

Please click here to register interest in a session.

Topic/Event Name Date Time Target Audience Included Agencies
Water Safety Week 2nd December 2020 Session 1: 9:30am
Session 2: 10:30am
Session 1: Prep-Year 2
Session 2: Year 3-6
Life Saving Victoria

For further information regarding the Virtual Excursions please contact Education Services on 03 9676 6940 or email education.services@lsv.com.au

Previous Sessions

Topic/Event Name Date Year Level Included Agencies
Water Safety Week 3rd Dec 2019 Prep to 2 Life Saving Victoria
Water Safety Week 3rd Dec 2019 Years 3-6 Life Saving Victoria
People Who Can Help Us 22nd May 2019 Prep to 2 LSV, CFA, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police
People Who Can Help Us 22nd May 2019 Years 3-6 LSV, CFA, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police
Water Safety Week 2nd December 2020 Session 1: Prep-Year 2
Session 2: Year 3-6
Life Saving Victoria