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Virtual Excursions

In collaboration with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Ambulance Victoria (AV), LSV delivered the Water Safety and Disaster Resilience Education – Virtual Excursions (A Pilot) project funded by the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

Virtual excursions provide an exciting opportunity to utilise online platforms and innovative video conference technology to deliver an ‘all emergencies, all communities’ approach to safety education in Victorian schools. This pilot project has demonstrated the effectiveness of the program in utilising inter-agency collaboration and technology advancements to deliver engaging, informative, relevant DRE to Victorian students, whilst removing some traditional barriers in this area.

Through continued work in the virtual learning space and ongoing collaboration among the emergency management agencies, the sector can demonstrate the impact of effective partnerships and virtual learning on classrooms, complementing traditional teaching methods and working towards safe, resilient Victorian communities. The creation of a dynamic, engaging and innovative program owned by the leading Victorian emergency management agencies is likely to be extremely popular in classrooms across the state.

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