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Water Smart Award

water smart

The Water Smart Award is a Royal Life Saving program that teaches Years 4 to 6 children to be aware of dangers in a range of aquatic environments, promotes safe behaviours around water, and gives them the basic knowledge of how to respond to an emergency situation.

The Award can be taught in the classroom by school teachers (there is no requirement for practical work in the water), or it can be delivered by swimming and water safety teachers through holiday programs, swimming clubs or as an add-on to existing private and school learn-to-swim programs.

The program has three key modules:

  • Water safety knowledge
  • Introduction to resuscitation principles
  • Basic reach and throw rescue techniques

Delivery of the Water Smart Award is supported by the Water Smart Award Guide, which provides lesson plans, teacher notes, assessment guidelines and activities for each of the components of the award

All students will be recognised for their achievements with a Water Smart Award certificate.

Certificates are $1.00 per certificate + $13.00 postage.

To request a copy of the Water Smart Award Guide and to order certificates, click the link below.

An initiative of the Royal Life Saving Society Australia