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Make Your School a Water Smart School!


The Water Smart Award is an educational program to teach vital safety information in order for children to be aware of dangers in a range of aquatic environments, promote safe behaviour and have the ability to deal with a basic emergency situation.

Aimed at primary school students from year 4 – year 6, the Water Smart Award can be taught in the school’s classroom by school teachers as there is no requirement for practical work in the water. A teacher’s guide will aid you to deliver the award program and students are rewarded with a certificate of achievement.

It is an easy-to-implement program that requires little time or resources!


The program focuses on three (3) modules:

Water safety knowledge
Introduction to resuscitation principles
Basic reach and throw rescue techniques


The Water Smart Award can be delivered by school teachers, swimming instructors or Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Education Instructors. It can be taught in the school’s classroom and playground by school teachers, or can be incorporated into a school learn to swim program over the term or intensively. It can also be delivered by swim teachers at an aquatic facility through holiday programs, swimming club or an add-on to existing swimming programs.

There are three (3) options for delivery:

1 Water Safety School/Swim School delivers this module Life Saving Victoria delivers this module using LSV’s Sink or Swim (Meet a Lifeguard) program or LSV’s Open Water Learning Experience (practical) Combination of option 1 and 2
2 Resuscitation School/Swim School delivers this module Life Saving Victoria delivers this module using LSV’s Open Water Learning Experience (practical)
3 Rescue Techniques School/Swim School delivers this module Life Saving Victoria delivers this module using LSV’s Open Water Learning Experience (practical)


Delivery duration is flexible and will vary depending on the number of students and teachers as well as whether it is conducted over a few sessions or one session. It may also vary depending on the depth of information and how many activities are conducted. It is recommended that 3 to 4 hours is sufficient to cover the required lesson content.


Delivery of the Water Smart Award is supported by a number of resources. The key resource is the Water Smart Award Guide that provides lesson plans, teacher notes, assessment guidelines and activities for each of the components of the award.

Other resources that may assist in teaching water safety information includes Education from Anywhere, Swimming and Lifesaving 6th edition Manual, Drowning Reports and materials in the Water Smart Education Toolkit (register on www.swimandsurvive.com.au).


The program can be delivered in the classroom, playground or even on pool deck; as long there is a suitable amount of space for children to work in pairs and practice the skills. The only equipment required are rescue aids such as weighted throw ropes, buoyant aids such as lifejackets, clothing and a branch or pole. A resuscitation manikin can be used for the resuscitation component if readily available.


On successful completion of the Water Smart Award the students will be recognised for their achievement with a Water Smart certificate. A letter to the parents explaining what their child has achieved through the program will be available to accompany the student’s certificate to take home.


Water Smart certificates are $1.00 per certificate + $12.00 postage. Please click on the order form below to purchase certificates:

Water Smart Order Form 2014-15

If LSV is delivering a component of the Water Smart Award, program costs are based on the number of days, sessions and participants. Please contact us for a quote.


Otherwise please contact Education Services directly using the contact details below.

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  • Ph: 03 9676 6940
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  • Email: education@lsv.com.au