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Hosting an Aquatic Sport Carnival

So you’ve decided to host an Aquatic Sport Carnival at your Club, let’s get started!

Things to investigate before choosing to host a carnival:

  • Are there other events on in the area at the time?
  • What date will we hold the carnival?
  • Will there be enough qualified personnel at the club to host?
  • Are there any renovations, construction, changes etc. to the venue that may impact the running of a carnival?
  • Is there sufficient parking around the venue to cater for large numbers at carnivals?
  • What type of event will be held?
  • Can we adhere to all current COVID-19 restrictions?

When hosting a Carnival, the club will be required to adhere to the following by Life Saving Victoria.

The Carnival is held in a professional manner, and adhere to the following Policies/Publications:
a. Surf Sport Manual 36th Edition
b. Junior or Youth/Senior Team Managers and Officials Handbooks
c. Safeguarding Children
d. Aquatic Sport Code of Conduct; and
e. All Club Policies stated here: https://lsv.com.au/clubs-members/support/club-policies/

The program planning, event application permits, catering, workforce, patrol, first aid, water safety, medal/pennant/ribbon purchases will be taken on by the nominated club.

If clubs require to hire equipment from LSV, this must be discussed in advance prior to the carnival with as much notice as possible. Any borrowed equipment that is damaged will be replaced at expense of the host club.

All carnivals are held not for profit, with any extra income derived from entry fees going to the host club. Clubs are also able to host other sources of income at their carnivals such as BBQs.
No carnival should risk the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone in attendance, this will not be accepted. The carnival should be held in the best interest of all athletes, participants, volunteers, spectators, the Club and LSV.

The following documents, texts and link are all designed to support, Clubs, Members, Officials, Coaches, Team Managers, Parents and Athletes at the any point in a carnival timeline.


Carnival Day
Post Carnival
Carnival Support
Video Tutorials - COMING SOON