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Hosting an Aquatic Sport Carnival

So you’ve decided to host an Aquatic Sport Carnival at your Club, let’s get started!

Things to investigate before choosing to host a carnival:

  • Are there other events on in the area at the time?
  • What date will we hold the carnival?
  • Will there be enough qualified personnel at the club to host?
  • Are there any renovations, construction, changes etc. to the venue that may impact the running of a carnival?
  • Is there sufficient parking around the venue to cater for large numbers at carnivals?
  • What type of event will be held?
  • Can we adhere to all current COVID-19 restrictions?

When hosting a Carnival, the club will be required to adhere to the following by Life Saving Victoria.

The Carnival is held in a professional manner, and adhere to the following Policies/Publications:
a. Surf Sport Manual 36th Edition
b. Junior or Youth/Senior Team Managers and Officials Handbooks
c. Safeguarding Children
d. Aquatic Sport Code of Conduct; and
e. All Club Policies stated here: https://lsv.com.au/clubs-members/support/club-policies/

The program planning, event application permits, catering, workforce, patrol, first aid, water safety, medal/pennant/ribbon purchases will be taken on by the nominated club.

If clubs require to hire equipment from LSV, this must be discussed in advance prior to the carnival with as much notice as possible. Any borrowed equipment that is damaged will be replaced at expense of the host club.

All carnivals are held not for profit, with any extra income derived from entry fees going to the host club. Clubs are also able to host other sources of income at their carnivals such as BBQs.
No carnival should risk the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone in attendance, this will not be accepted. The carnival should be held in the best interest of all athletes, participants, volunteers, spectators, the Club and LSV.

The following documents, texts and link are all designed to support, Clubs, Members, Officials, Coaches, Team Managers, Parents and Athletes at the any point in a carnival timeline.



COVID-19 Requirements:

Name/Link Description
Aquatic Sport COVID-19 Roadmap All Aquatic Sport activities must be in accordance with Aquatic Sport COVID-19 Roadmap.  At no point can a Club progress past the restrictions that are in place by Governing Bodies.
COVID-19 Coordinator Position Description The position of COVIDSafe Coordinator has been established to support returning to activity under the current Victorian Government coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols. Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and lifesaving clubs have an obligation to strictly adhere to these protocols for all activities. All club are required to have a nominated COVIDSafe Coordinator as the first priority in the COVIDSafe Plan.
LSV Activity Guide An overarching guide for clubs and members for what is currently COVID-19 safe practices.

Carnival/Event Requirements:

Name/Link Description/Link
LSV Carnival Application & Insurance Details Coming Soon
Event permit application with Metropolitan Council Bayside City Council, City of Frankston, City of Kingston, City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Wyndham, Hobsons Bay City Council, Mornington Peninsula Shire
Event permit application with Regional Council Bass Coast Shire, Borough of Queenscliffe, City of Greater Geelong, Colac Otway Shire, Corangmite Shire, East Gippsland Shire, Glenelg Shire Council, Moyne Shire, South Gippsland Shire, Surf Coast Shire, Warrnambool City Council, Wellington Shire Council


Name/Link Description
Circular Template Club Circulars are released each Wednesday and contain essential information and announcements for clubs and members from Life Saving Victoria (LSV).  If you wish for your event to be advertised to other clubs please fill out the circular template and return to the sport team.
Team App Team App is a platform that allows teams and social groups to improve communication by creating their very own smartphone app.
Sport Forum The LSV Sport Forum, is a private Facebook group for Victorian Life Saving Sport Members.  If you wish to promote your event through this page, please post the details and an administrator will approve your post after review.

Carnival Documents & Applications:

Name/Link Description
LSV Aquatic Sport Equipment Catalogue

LSV Aquatic Sport Equipment Hiring Form 

If you need equipment for your Aquatic Sport Event, please have a look through the LSV Aquatic Sport Equipment Catalogue (link in left column).  You are the able to request equipment by filling out the LSV Aquatic Sport Equipment Hiring Form.
Surf Sports Manual The Surf Sports manual is the key document and information source that allows for the advancement and management of our surf sports competition across the country.
Aquatic Sport Code of Conduct All members sign and agree to meeting SLSA and LSV values and code of conduct as part of their annual membership, these Values and Codes guide and govern the behaviours of all members.
Club Program Template This is a word document allowing clubs to produce their own program in a simple format
Sport App – Entries All Lifesaving Carnivals Entries must be used by clubs through the Sport App – Entries.  This is to ensure all athletes competing at any carnival are competing with the correct qualifications.

If you are holding a Lifesaving Carnival, please speak to the Aquatic Sport Team as soon as possible so they can have your carnival set up for you.

Rostering App (Coming Soon) The Rostering App allows clubs to roster qualified officials at any carnival they have athletes competing in.
Pre/Post-carnival checklists A quick guide for clubs to follow
Carnival Run Sheet Template An event guideline to be filled out, place any important information regarding the event in this document.  It will help everyone stick to a schedule.
Course Set Ups:

A4 Quick Reference Cards

Pocket Size Reference Cards

Beach Flags Set Up

Sprint Track Set Up

Course Equipment Required 

Courses need to be set up correctly for each discipline in accordance with the latest edition of the Surf Sports Manual.

Use the two links see what is needed and how a course should be set.

2020/2021 Junior Team Managers Handbook 

2020/2021 Youth/Senior Team Managers Handbook 

Team Managers’ and Officials’ Handbook is designed to guide Team Managers, Officials, Coaches, Parents/Supporters and Club Office Bearers/Administrators through the basic systems and processes to support members involvement in lifesaving sports whilst following some general guidelines and principles in order to ensure an even and fair playing field.
Carnival Day

COVID-19 Requirements:

Name/Link Description
COVIDSafe Sport Training Checklist This checklist is a quick reference guide for use by the coach or other Aquatic Sport key personnel, before, during and after training, to ensure COVIDSafe protocols and procedures are adhered to.
COVID-19 Signage Pack Signage you will to put up at the venue for your event.

Carnival Documents:

Name/Link Description
Water Safety Procedure The following procedure is for the provision of water safety for SLS Junior activities; member training
(lifesaving and sport) conducted by Surf Life Saving and SLS sanctioned/special events. These procedures have been developed using risk management principles, WHS legislation and regulation
and many years of experience with the provision of water safety for aquatic activities.
Event Rule Description – Summer An overview of event  rulings for Summer Lifesaving Sports
Aquatic Sport Safety Guide A detailed guide on how to safely hold a carnival and how to deal with incidents if they arise.  This is an invaluable tool for Clubs to use and promote at their club.
Official Carnival Resource This is a quick reference guide for officials to use at a carnival.  It holds important information such as rulings, course set ups and much more.
Photography Pass Sign In Sheet It is a requirement for all individuals taking photos at a LSV Aquatic Sport Event that they sign in with a valid Working With Children Check, if they wish to take photos during the day.
Surf Sport Manual The Surf Sports manual is the key document and information source that allows for the advancement and management of our surf sports competition across the country.
Manual Result Cards Junior Individual Race Result Cards

Junior Team Race Result Cards

Youth/Senior Individual Race Result Cards

Youth/Senior Team Race Result Cards

Surf Teams

Water Events (e.g. Board Rescue)


Surfboats (coming soon)

Carnival Role Descriptions A description of Carnival Personnel positions that will help everyone understand their role more clearly.
Victorian Club Cap Colours Each clubs caps and colurs.
Code of Conduct All members sign and agree to meeting SLSA and LSV values and code of conduct as part of their annual membership, these Values and Codes guide and govern the behaviours of all members.
Sport App – Results (V2 Coming Soon) The Sport App – Results allows you to quickly record results with the athletes entered into your carnival.
Marshaling App Coming Soon
Sport App – IRB Coming Soon
Sport App – R&R Coming Soon
Post Carnival
Name/Link Description
Results finalized & posted/Wrap Up Post Website, Social Media, Blog, Team App etc.
Pre/Post-carnival checklist A guide for clubs to follow
Key Personnel Feedback Forms Carnival Referee Feedback

Area Referee Feedback

SEMC Feedback

Powercraft Coordinator Feedback

Carnival Support

If you are interested in or are hosting a carnival, please contact the Aquatic Sport team at  Life Saving Victoria. The LSV Aquatic Sport Team will be able to assist you with any aspect of your carnival, including IT Support, Official Development, Rostering, Entries and much more.

Phone: (03) 9676 6937

Email: sport@lsv.com.au

You can also find more supporting documents at the following: LSV Sport Resources

Video Tutorials - COMING SOON


  • I don’t have all the equipment to run a carnival/event, can I borrow some from LSV?

Of course you can! We have a whole range of equipment that will help you successfully run your carnival.  You can have a look at all the items available by clicking here, then fill out this Hiring Form.

  • Do I need accredited officials and Water Safety at my carnival?

The short answer is Yes.  While we understand that a club may not be able to fill positions at a carnival, it is best practice to ensure that accredited officials are running the carnival.  Water Safety roles at any carnival or Aquatic Sport event, MUST be filled by accredited personnel.

  • I don’t know how to use the SportApp systems (Entries, Results, Marshaling, Rostering), what should I do?

No problem at all, contact the LSV Aquatic Sport Team and they will be able to help you with all of the Sport App’s.

  • This will be our clubs first carnival and we aren’t sure where to start, what should I do?

Get in contact with the LSV Aquatic Sport Team, they will be able to assist you in taking the first steps to holding a successful Aquatic Sport Event at your club.

If you have any questions that aren’t listed above, please email the Aquatic Sport Team: sport@lsv.com.au