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Paid Lifeguard Service

The Australian Lifeguard Service is the largest provider of professional lifeguards in Australia. It supplies lifeguards to local councils, national parks and resorts around the country using the organisation’s extensive resources.

Combined with its access to a national infrastructure that includes communications networks, specialist rescue services including Aerial and Marine Rescue Services, and the provision of nationally accredited training.It includes international experts in medicine, equipment and coastal management to ensure best practice is always delivered.

The Australian lifeguard service in Victoria provides both Beach Lifeguard Services and Event Water safety and First Aid Services, providing expert services in water safety management and first aid for sporting and recreational events. LSV is positioned to support your event making use of highly trained lifeguards and our specialist equipment.

The access to highly trained Lifeguards and cost benefit offered by the Australian Lifeguard Services makes it the provider of choice.Ourlifeguard services operate hand in hand with the existing volunteer network of services across Victoria, providing access to the infrastructure and equipment across the state, and work closely with the other Emergency Service Organisations at all phases of emergency management.

Where we Operate:

Beach Lifeguard Services
Event Lifeguards
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