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Shark Safety Information

Life Saving Victoria Baywatch

Even though shark encounters are rare, here are some common sense tips to help reduce the risk of one happening.

  1. Keep informed of the latest sightings. The VicEmergency website or app provide the latest alerts for sightings at patrolled beaches. Check before heading to the beach.
  2. Help others be informed. If you recognise an immediate danger to the community, report a shark sighting by calling 000. Notify lifesavers immediately if you are at a patrolled beach.
  3. Swim between the red and yellow flags. Swim and recreate at patrolled beaches where possible and obey beach closures advised by lifesavers, lifeguards or local authorities.
  4. Avoid hazardous waters. Never swim in places where human or animal waste enters the water. Also avoid disposing of fish waste near swimming beaches and don’t remain in the water with bleeding wounds.
  5. Recognise the danger signs. Keep away from large schools of fish, seals or wildlife behaving erratically.
  6. Never swim or recreate alone. Always swim, dive or surf with a friend.

Additional tips for divers, snorkelers and spearfishers

  • Understand the rules and regulations in relation to shark species.
  • Understand and respect the environment. Marine and estuarine waters are the shark’s habitat – find out what kind of sharks you might see and what behaviour to expect from them.
  • Remember: using bait to lure fish may attract sharks.
  • Avoid diving in conditions with limited visibility.
  • Don’t chase, grab, corner, touch, spear or attempt to bait a shark while underwater.
  • Don’t attach speared fish to your body or keep them near you. Use a float and line to keep your catch well away.

For more information visit Victorian Fisheries Authority website here: SharkSmart

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