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Service Members deliver LSV’s Community Awards Program to Victorian Communities and the Aquatic Industry. The awards focus on awareness, knowledge and skills associated with water safety, resuscitation and emergency care. The awards are designated into pathways ensuring they are able to cater to people of all ages and abilities. From new arrivals to industry professionals, these non-accredited awards will assist in creating better prepared and more resilient Victorian Communities and a better equipped Aquatic Industry workforce.

Benefits of being an LSV Service Member include:

Access to LSV course and marketing materials
Award processing and administrative support
Access to professional development opportunities
Access to discount fees and support services

To find out more about becoming a Service Member download the application form below.

Rescue Strand - Dry Rescue Award
Rescue Strand - Wade Rescue Award
Rescue Strand - Accompanied Rescue Award
Bronze Strand - Bronze Star Award
Bronze Strand - Bronze Medallion Award
Bronze Strand - Bronze Cross Award
Advanced Lifesaving - Award of Merit
Advanced Lifesaving - Award of Distinction

Resuscitation / Emergency Care Strand - Resuscitation Awareness Award
Resuscitation / Emergency Care Strand – Resuscitation Award
Resuscitation / Emergency Care Strand - Oxygen Resuscitation Award
Resuscitation / Emergency Care Strand - Emergency Care Award
Professional Development - Pool Lifeguards
Professional Development - Watch Around Water