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LSVj Advisory Committee

Check out the video via the link below, to learn more about LSVj and meet the LSVj Advisory Committee.

Background of LSVj Advisory Committee

In June 2019, Life Saving Victoria hosted the Inaugural Youth Symposium, with the aim to engage youth members and provide a platform for them to discuss what they want, need and hope from being involved in lifesaving. It was hoped the Youth Symposium would empower Youth members to have input into future key strategic initiatives.

A key feature of the Youth Symposium included an Innovation Challenge, providing participants with an opportunity to develop a new program, initiative or concept across one of their chosen lifesaving disciplines.

Several concepts were pitched throughout the afternoon, with the overall winner being LSVj. Who proposed the establishment of a Life Saving Victoria Junior (LSVj) Advisory Committee, who would be a voice and help to recognise the needs of their fellow youth members.

Purpose of LSVj Advisory Committee

The LSVj Advisory Committee will be responsible for representing youth member views, values and ideas. It will aid as a vehicle for engaging youth members and will provide another platform for youth development and leadership.

LSVj Advisory Committee hopes to play a significant role in shaping the future of lifesaving for the next generation of lifesavers.

The ultimate objectives of the LSVj Advisory Committee are:

  • Developing Membership and Leadership Development (M&LD) Programs which address current skill gaps and provide pathways for development
  • Provide an additional leadership pathway for youth members
  • Increase member participation in M&LD Programs
  • Improving retention of youth members through targeted programs
  • Contributing to the organisation’s strategic outcomes through development
  • For Clubs to embrace LSVj Advisory Committee and elect their own LSVj Club Representatives
LSVj Position Descriptions
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