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Aquatic, Fitness and Recreation (AFAR) PD Series

Next AFAR PD Tuesday 10 August 2021

Life Saving Victoria invites members of the aquatic, fitness and recreation (AFAR) industry to our free AFAR professional development series and industry professional development masterclass on August 10.

Stay connected, engaged and informed with fellow AFAR professionals and share your latest stories and industry information from our most challenging year yet, then take these discussions to the next level with our masterclass professional development session.


  • “Community Stories” – Stories of resilience, diversity and inclusion from the aquatic industry

Where & When:

  • From 9:30 am-12:00 pm Tuesday 10 August 2021,
  • AFAR’s August session will be available via Microsoft Teams, following the recent extended lockdown and uncertainly that we all face right now.

Please find the link to attend our live AFAR Session or join login to ask your prevent questions now:

Join AFAR Live

Please note: While we are disappointed that we cannot hold the session in person, the health and safety of our staff and partners remains the priority. We explored alternative options and reviewed the risks of each of these. After much consideration, delivering an online session was deemed the safest and most appropriate way of proceeding.

Announcing Life Saving Victoria’s third Industry Professional Development Masterclass series for 2021

  • Masterclass: Creating a Culture of High Performing Leaders in Uncertain Times
  • Facilitator: Gavin Mahony – Leading Teams Partner & Facilitator
  • From 1:00pm-2:30 pm Tuesday 10 August 2021,
  • Our Industry professional development masterclass will be available via Zoom, following the recent extended lockdown and uncertainly that we all face right now.

Session Overview

Developed specifically for our Industries’ decision makers!

2021 has continued to throw challenges our way and test our resolve. Under pressure our culture and leadership is put to the test. Everyone is looking to us to see how we will react. There are no tests for leadership, but everything you do is a test.

In this session we will discover what it takes to create a high performing team under pressure.

We will explore:

  • How to connect a team to its purpose
  • The value of investing in relationships
  • Understand how behaviour drives performance
  • The importance of engaging in feedback

This masterclass is designed to challenge your thinking and provide you with practical actions that you can take back to your team to help it improve.

Please note: Places are limited for this session.

Register to Attend Online :

Register for Masterclass

Please contact LSV People Team via LD@lsv.com.au for support.

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