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The Inflatable Pool

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has designed and built an inflatable pool for use in open waterways.

The Inflatable Pool is a 6-lane by 25-metre pool with a mesh bottom, that sits on open water. It is intended to be portable and adaptable to a variety of open waterways including inland waterways (rivers, lakes) and the beach. LSV want to see more people learning to swim, enjoying the water and being safe in open water ways; and the Inflatable Pool is an innovation being piloted to bridge the gap between swimming at a pool and in open water. LSV Chief Executive Dr Nigel Taylor is excited to see LSV leading the way in developing innovative and practical solutions for people accessing open waterways safely.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce and prevent drowning death and injury, and the Inflatable Pool is a great asset and another way we can provide structure in an uncontrolled environment, to encourage active participation in open water, whether it be for swimming, education or sport.”

“With many regional aquatic facilities needing rejuvenation, we think the Inflatable Pool could be key for these communities to have access to safer, more controlled open waterways to learn swimming, be physically active, while also creating local employment opportunities” said Dr Taylor.

LSV Manager of Strategic Projects Trudy Micallef, is responsible for taking the Inflatable Pool from concept to reality.

“The pool concept and design were created by LSV, then it was further developed and manufactured in New Zealand.”