Classroom Based Water Safety

Classroom Based Water Safety allow for swimming and water safety concepts to be taught through land-based activities. These can be implemented in the classroom, in a school gymnasium or any open area outside of the water. The equipment and resources referred to in these programs are commonly used in general Physical Education programs or other classroom activities, so are accessible for most school teachers. Dry Swimming programs are designed to be supplementary to water-based swimming lessons during school swimming and water safety programs.

The following dry swimming lessons reflect the Health and Physical Education content descriptions at Levels 5 & 6 in the Victorian Curriculum. These dry lessons can complement water-based swimming lessons during school swimming and water safety programs.

Life Saving Victoria's 'Water Safety Watch and Learn’ video series is an entertaining and interactive video series that teaches pre-school and primary students all about water safety at the beach, around the home, and at different waterways that children may visit around coastal and inland Victoria.

The following Watch & Learn episodes are each accompanied by a Teaching Resource. These resource documents outline classroom activities linked to each video, which connect to multiple areas of the Victorian Curriculum.

No planning or preparing required!
Life Saving Victoria have put together some fantastic activities for students to develop their understanding of swimming and water safety in the classroom or at home.

The following activity sheets, posters and booklets include cross-curriculum, image-based activities, open-ended questions, design projects and much more. These can be printed and distributed to students, or shared online.