Survival Swimming Programs

The aim of Survival Swimming Programs is to ensure that students have the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe in, on and around water; along with the skills to survive an unexpected fall into open, deep water.

The Survival Swimming Program is designed for use by the Victorian education sector and aquatics industry. The program is targeted at students who have not previously participated in a traditional learn to swim program, or who have very little skill and knowledge regarding water safety and survival swimming.

Program resources have been developed to assist with the implementation of the 10 Lesson Survival Swimming Program. Resources may be downloaded and used to deliver the 10 Lesson Survival Swimming Program or adapted and used to complement your current swimming and water safety program.

The 5-lesson Survival Swimming Program has been adapted from the previous 10 Lesson Survival Swimming Program. Feedback received after the 10 lesson program trials, and industry consultation, identified the need for a concise version of the program, which could be implemented when time and resources are limited. The 5 lesson survival swimming program has been developed to address the minimum skills and knowledge required if a student were to only attend 5 swimming and water safety lessons.