Victorian Water Safety Certificate

Did you know that the Victorian Curriculum anticipates that students are able to demonstrate the competencies outlined in the Victorian Water Safety Certificate by the time they leave Year 6?

The Victorian Water Safety Certificate is a Victorian Government initiative, which describes specific competencies that should be achieved by the time students reach the end of primary school. The certificate describes specific competencies that focus on water safety knowledge, rescue skills, a survival sequence and the ability to swim a continuous distance of 50 metres. The certificate is designed to supplement existing swimming & water safety programs delivered by schools and learn-to-swim providers.

    To receive the VWSC, students need to achieve the following competencies

  • Water Safety Knowledge
    • Answer questions relating to safety rules for a range of aquatic environments.
  • Swim
    • Swim continuously for 50 metres.
  • Under Water
    • Surface dive, swim underwater and search to recover an object from deep water.
  • Lifesaving
    • Respond to an emergency by demonstrating DRSAB and the recovery position.
  • Rescue Skills
    • Rescue a person using non-swimming rescue techniques:
    • Reach rescue using a non-rigid aid.
    • Throw rescue using a weighted rope.
    • Throw rescue using a buoyant object and unweighted rope.
  • Survival Sequence
    • Perform a survival sequence wearing light clothing:
    • Enter the water safely.
    • Scull, float and tread water for 2 minutes; signalling for help intermittently.
    • Swim survival strokes slowly for 3 minutes.
    • Exit the water safely.

Once a student has achieved the competencies of the VWSC, schools and learn-to-swim providers can order the certificates from Life Saving Victoria’s Online Portal.

Ensure you are regularly monitoring your VWSC uploads and data via your own VWSC Dashboard. Register for your own VWSC Dashboard Here.

The online ordering system for the Victorian Water Safety Certificate makes it easy for schools and aquatic centres to directly download certificates.

    Save time using the online ordering system:

  • Step 1 - Enter your details

  • Step 2 - Easily upload student info

  • Step 3 - The system automatically generates individual certificates for each student

  • Step 4 - Download certificates!

We’ve designed the system to save you time, verify competencies have been achieved and improve program administration.

    Please note: To process your certificate order, you will need the following information:

  • Name and physical address of the school the students attend

  • Name and physical address of the swim school/aquatic venue where students completed the certificate

  • Name and AUSTSWIM number or equivalent (optional) of the Swim Teacher / Teacher issuing the certificate

  • Individual student first and last names*

  • Individual student genders*

  • Individual student year levels*

    There are two options to upload student details:

  • Complete the csv template (download now) with student full names, gender and year level, and upload; or

  • Manually enter Visit Website

For further instructions on how to use the online ordering system watch the How to video or download the step-by-step guide.