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Marine Licence Courses


Recreational boating continues to grow as a popular way for Victorian’s to spend their free time, but any person out on the water faces inherent dangers. To ensure that everybody who goes out on a vessel comes home safely, Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV – a branch of Transport Safety Victoria) continues to be committed to safe vessel operations and safe waterways for all Victorians.

Why should you do your marine licence training with us?

As an approved training provider for MSV, Life Saving Victoria is endorsed to deliver marine licence training, including personal watercraft (PWC) endorsement for vessels such as jet-skis. This means you can guarantee your course will be provided at the utmost quality by an expert trainer, taking pride in ensuring you’re prepared to get your Victorian boat licence and stay safe out on the water.

This active and engaging short course, consists of the theory requirements associated with vessel ownerships, safe use and emergency preparedness.

Marine Licence (with PWC endorsement)

Victorian Boat Licence Course

This course will equip candidates with the theoretical knowledge required to apply for a General Marine Licence or Restricted Marine Licence (including a PWC endorsement) through VicRoads. The course focuses upon safe operation, emergency procedures, licensing and registration and personal watercraft (PWC).

Successful completion of this course will result in the award of:

Transport Safety Victoria – Certificate of Attainment for Marine Licence Training
Personal Watercraft Endorsement (for eligible candidates over the age of 16 years)

Course OverviewCourse Outline

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for individuals, families and friends planning on using a marine vessel to work, rest or play on Victorian waterways. However, participants must be at least 12 years old for a Restricted Licence.

How long does this course take?

This marine licence course takes 4 hours to complete.

Where can I do the course?

This course is delivered at the Life Saving Victoria State Centre in Port Melbourne and other venues throughout the state. Please visit our training portal to find a course – https://training.lsv.com.au.

How is this course delivered?

The course is delivered face to face in small groups of up to 24 people.

Do I need anything special to do this course?

This course requires candidates to provide government issued identification on the day of your course, this includes;

Drivers Licence or Learners Permit (not expired by more than 2 years)


One Primary and One Secondary evidence document (if neither document contains an address then an address must also be evidenced). A full list of primary and secondary evidence documents that are accepted is located at https://lsv.com.au/compliance-policies-3/.

The course provides participants with the skills and knowledge to be able to supervise students not only in the surf but in all natural water environments. This active and engaging short course consists of the theory requirements associated with vessel ownerships, safe use and emergency preparedness.

Content Covered

1) Essentials for safe boating
2) Safe operation
3) Emergency procedures
4) Licensing and registration
5) Personal watercraft (PWC)

How am I assessed?

The course assessment includes a multiple-choice theory paper that is completed on-course.

If I pass, how long is my certificate valid for?

The Certificate of Competency is valid for a period of 12 months.

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you are unable to demonstrate the necessary requirements, you will be given the opportunity to attend another course at no cost to retrain and be reassessed on the particular skill or area of knowledge.

How do I get my boat licence after completing this course?

After you’ve completed your marine licence training you can take your certificate of attainment to any of the VicRoads locations and pay a small licence fee. No booking is necessary.