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SwimSafe in the Pool

SwimSafe- The Why and the What

There were 20 drowning deaths at public swimming pools in Victoria in the past 20 years and 120 non-fatal drowning incidents since 2012/13. Coronial recommendations following recent fatalities at public pools resulted in the development of SwimSafe, an evidence-based public education campaign aimed at improving drowning prevention and water safety among adult vulnerable swimmers, particularly those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people with pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities. Communication materials were used to encourage patrons to adopt safe behaviour in and around public pools.

Project overview

The SwimSafe Campaign used communication materials developed based on empirical evidence and previous studies to inspire pool patrons to adopt safe behaviours in and around public pools.

What are the '5 tips'?

What we found

Key findings following the evaluation of the campaign were:

Further information

For further details on the SwimSafe in the Pool Campaign, including implementation and FAQs, please CLICK HERE.

View the evaluation report HERE. 


Research: research@lsv.com.au