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Educational Programs (MULTICULTURAL)

Life Saving Victoria’s Multicultural Projects department provides water safety education to Victoria’s varied Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) population.

To provide this education to CALD communities, LSV delivers a number of practical and theoretical education programs.

These programs are delivered to a wide variety of groups, including: newly arrived refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and international students, with the vision that all Victorians are equipped crucial aquatic knowledge.

All programs are tailored to suit participants with low level English and/or limited swimming ability.

Below is a list of these programs. Please click on a program title to find out more.


To request a program date for your organisation, please complete a form here


Beach Program

Life Saving Victoria’s Multicultural Beach Programs are a great way to educate participants on life saving techniques and water safety messages. The programs offer a practical approach to familiarising participants with the beach environment through enjoyable educational activities.

Qualified instructors conduct a structured mix of theoretical and practical activities at a venue of your choice. Activities will be a combination of some of the below activities, chosen to reflect the group’s ability, needs, and the conditions on the day.

Be Aware and Be Prepared (Water Safety):

Participants will gain knowledge to keep safe when in and around water, particularly open water environments. Practical strategies will be delivered ,such as identifying dangers (i.e. rip currents) and reading key safety signs, and will ensure they have the tools to ‘be aware and be prepared’ before visiting their local waterway.


Wearing a lifejacket, and practicing important survival techniques including the huddle, the HELP position, and entering and exiting the water safely are vital survival strategies participants can use if they find themselves in trouble in the water.

Rescue Strategies

Rescue tubes, towels, ropes and even bike helmets, are all examples of rescue items participants will have an opportunity to practice using, enabling them to make informed decisions if ever they are required to perform a rescue.

Safe Body Boarding

Body Boards are a popular activity enjoyed by many Australians in open waterways. Participants will learn the skills needed to stay safe, paddle effectively, catch waves, and perform rescues.

Nipper Boards

Participants will learn how to use a nipper board, a real piece of lifesaving equipment. This includes catching waves and performing a rescue – giving participants the chance to become an ‘Everyday Lifesaver’.


Participants learn how use snorkels, in combination with lifejackets, to discover sights below the surface and gain a recreational skill to enjoy Victoria’s waterways.


The world game can truly be enjoyed anywhere, including Victoria’s beaches. A great chance for participants to enjoy the beach environment safely and actively with friends, without entering the water.


Beach Cricket is a part of Australian culture, and this activity is as much about inclusion and settlement as it is about actively enjoying the beach environment.

Beach Flags

Running on sand is not as easy as it looks. Participants will learn the most effective way to do this and participate in a unique and authentic lifesaving sport.

This symbol indicates activities that will involve participants getting into the water

Target Market:

Multicultural Groups and Organisations
Ages 5 and above

Program Options:

1 x 2 hour session
1 x 3 hour session


Minimum of 20 participants per session


Program cost is based on participant numbers.

*Funding may be available for these sessions. For further details or to book please contact us.

Beach Program Flyer

Beach Program Video

Meet a Lifeguard

Life Saving Victoria’s Multicultural Meet a Lifeguard program is an interactive session designed to educate students and community groups about how to make safe  decisions when enjoying inland and coastal aquatic environments.

The roughly 1-hour session is conducted by a lifeguard and can be tailored to suit the requirements of each group, including being held at a location of choice.

The Program Covers:

The Role of a Lifeguard
Beach Safety and Awareness
Inland Waterway Safety
Water Safety Signage
Rescue Techniques
Sun Smart Messages

Target Market:

All Ages
Multicultural Groups and Organisations

Session Details:

Minimum of 20 participants per session (no maximum)
Program Duration: roughly 1-hour (times can be flexible according to your timetable)


Funding currently available

*For further details or to book please contact us.
Meet a Lifeguard Flyer
Meet a Lifeguard Video
Meet a Lifeguard Remote (Virtual) Video

Resuscitate a Mate

Life Saving Victoria’s Multicultural Resuscitate a Mate program is designed to introduce participants to basic anatomy and emergency response management (DRSABCD).In the 1 hour interactive session, participants learn the steps to follow in an emergency situation and the knowledge to potentially save a life.


Correct management and handling of casualties
Assessment of emergency situations (DRSABCD)
Resuscitation techniques
Calling for HELP


Suggested maximum of 40 participants per session with a minimum of 20 participants.
Program Duration: 1-hour (times can be flexible according to your timetable)


Multicultural Organisations and Groups within Metropolitan Melbourne.


Funding currently available

*For further details or to book please contact us.
Resuscitate a Mate Flyer
Resuscitate a Mate Video
Resuscitate a Mate Virtual Promo

Seniors' Water Recreation Program

Life Saving Victoria’s Multicultural Department has created a water recreation program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse over 55s.

The program is aimed at improving participants’ health, wellbeing, water awareness, and overall settlement.


Water Familiarisation
Water Exercise
Water Rescues
Water Recreation
Resuscitation techniques


Groups of 15 + participants
Program Duration: 4 x 2 hour sessions, over 4 week period


Participants over 55 years old
Multicultural Senior’s Organisations and Groups within Metropolitan Melbourne


Funding currently available

*For further details or to book please contact us.
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