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Water Safety @ Home

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has developed The Water Safety @ Home series which provides online, practical sessions for kids to stay active, and learn water safety, CPR, first aid, swimming and the lifesaving Nippers program – all from home or classroom. There are sessions for age ranges from early childhood through to upper primary-school age, as well as Water Safety Watch & Learn videos and resources that align to the Victorian curriculum.

Water Safety Watch & Learn
Brain Breaks
Swimming @ Home
CPR for Kids @ Home
First Aid for Kids @ Home
Nippers @ Home
Swimming & Water Safety Toolkit
Share Water Safety @ Home with your Networks

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) is committed to the Safeguarding of Children and Young People (CYP). We provide a safe and supportive environment for CYP, that focuses on fun, education and building the confidence of CYP through positive learning and development. LSV is committed to reducing the risks of abuse, harm and exploitation and we work with our staff; members, Clubs and licensees to raise awareness, educate and monitor adherence to the policy and legislation. As we move online, eSafety is at the forefront of our mind, LSV maintains this commitment by using safe and protected platforms, educating our team and reminding parents, care givers and CYP how to stay safe and what to expect from us. For more resources on safety see https://www.esafety.gov.au/ and more details on LSV’s commitment to child safety see https://lsv.com.au/SafeguardingCYP/

LSV encourages you to ensure that your home is appropriate and safe to undertake our Water Safety @ Home online program. Please note that you are responsible for where you undertake the program and LSV takes no responsibility or liability for any injury that might occur at your home whilst you are undertaking the program.